Pescocostanzo, among the highest centers on the Apennines, preserves its artistic heritage of millenary origin, as a precious jewel.

You breathe a suggestive and magical atmosphere.

The village center is a concentrate of artworks: an unexpected beauty for those who visit the village for the first time.

A fortune of perfectly preserved Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical monuments, up to those jewels of popular architecture, the houses with the “vignale”.

On “Peschio”, suspended at 1400 meters high in the territory of Majella Park and the “Altipiani Maggiori” of Abruzzo, are documented the origins of the first people nucleus, dating back to the 10th century.

After the earthquake dated 1456, the village was rebuilt further downstream, with a new urban layout, in order to resist storms and earthquakes.

The Lombard craftsmen arrived, with their experience in stone processing, wrought iron and wood, they deeply connoted the social and cultural life of the village, with their customs and their art.

Pescocostanzo was ruled over time by benevolent sovereigns and feudal lords, including the enlightened noblewoman Vittoria Colonna, who practiced “a beneficial domination” and held the Pescolani “as friends”.

The village was led by an educated and economically strong social class, who reached to free itself from feudal chains, becoming in 1774 “Universitas Sui Domina” or ” Self-owned community”,  a”motto” still engraved upon Municipal House main entrance.

Pescocostanzo is today a touristic pearl of Abruzzo mountains, it is the ideal place for the modern tourist-traveler who can find a superb nature, environment respect, a tradition of excellence among artistic craftsmanship (jewelry, bobbin lace, wrought iron , carved wood), an offer of highly qualified dairy products, a gastronomy that successfully combines tradition and innovation.

Not forgetting its summer amazing opportunities (hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding) and also winter chances  (Vallefura ski facilities, an interesting and very organized place, made of beautiful slopes, snow parks and baby parks), as well as cross-country skiing and hiking in the Sant’Antonio wood reserve), which is well integrated with the offers of nearby centers, forming all together the most important touristic area on the Abruzzo mountains.

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