They are showy earrings, handmade with the characteristic and traditional boat shape of Pescocostanzo.

Several techniques are used : with filigree, fretworked or with “lost wax” skill, and they are composed of two perforated and coupled bodies, embellished on the underside with moving pendants in gold or with stones, always an odd number. These earrings, with their various pendants tinkling, had the power to protect women against negative influences or “evil-eye”. Floral or sacred images, in some of Pescocostanzo typical models, are used as a wish for prosperity and well-being.

These earrings are a complementary and decorative element of the female image, also considering that they were reproduced on paintings of the most important artists from Abruzzo, in late 1800.

Texts by L. Sette 

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